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Happy Mom, Happy Home

If you want more out of life, but don’t know where to start, START HERE:

You were meant to live the life of your dreams. In the Happy Mom, Happy Home course we lay down the ground work so that you can keep building on it layer by layer, brick by brick. Building a skyscraper requires a solid foundation that can support it. During our 8 weeks together we’re building the foundation that can support the weight of your enormous dreams.

week 1

  • Get crystal clear on what your Big Dreams are without any limitations… the sky’s the limit, and you can have it all! Determine exactly what you want every area of your life to look like.

week 2

  • Break down those Big Dreams into small actionable steps you’ll start taking today and remove the feelings of overwhelm.

week 3

  • Get Unstuck! Push past the blocks and the limiting beliefs.

week 4

  • The struggle doesn’t have to be real. The road to success is always under construction; learn how to enjoy the ride!

week 5

  • Learn the art of fake it til you make it (Spoiler alert! You’re actually faking it now so we’re gonna get you back to Your Truth).

week 6

  • Learn to identify what you need so You Can Have It!

week 7

  • Forget the rules…write your own. The road to happiness starts when you stop trying to please everyone else.

week 8

  • Build an action plan that fits you best, so you can Thrive!

This course is offered in a Group setting with like-minded moms.

This is a good option for you if you’re new to coaching. We meet for 2 hours a week. Part of the time is spent on a workshop setting, where you learn what tools we’ll be using and why they work. The rest of the time will be spent on group coaching, when we’ll dig a little deeper to find the answers that already exist in you, and are true to you.

There are many benefits of being in a group setting. If you’re an introvert and don’t like having all the attention on you, or simply can’t think of what questions to ask, or what answers to come up with, there’s a lot of inspiration that comes out of being in a group. Not to mention there is a sisterhood that’s formed when you Connect with your Tribe.

Trust that you’ll get out if it exactly what you need!

For maximum results assignments will be sent to be completed prior to our sessions together which will allow us to take full advantage of our time together.



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