About Lori


Listen mama, I get it, being a mom and wife left very little room to work on my dreams. I felt depleted, and when I had some free time I’d binge watch The Real Housewives or The Kardashians. My frustration and resentment was growing and it affected my marriage, my kids and my health. I was so busy being who I was supposed to be, that I was losing myself completely.

Finally I said F this sh*t. I started putting me first, and you know what happened? By taking care of myself, my kids, my husband, and my business FINALLY got the best version of me.  

I’m not constantly consumed with pleasing everyone else first, so guess what? My happiness comes first! And when I have that happiness, I radiate it and everyone around me feels it too. Sure, life happens, and sh*t hits the fan sometimes, but when my cup is full, I’m better equipped to handle it.

As a Certified Professional Coach, I help you get crystal clear on what you want and break it down into small actionable steps so that it’s easy to move forward propelling into the future of your Dreams.



When I started out in business I had no idea what I wanted. I started a lot of ventures, and had a lot of “failures”. I’ve abandoned businesses, and started all over again from scratch. I was so busy chasing “the dream”, I had no idea it wasn’t My Dream. It felt like I was swimming against the current. Some days felt like I was crawling over broken glass. It was painful, and I thought it was normal.

I wasted a lot of time and energy trying to fit into the box society made for me, that simply did not fit. I was unfulfilled, unsatisfied, and constantly exhausted. Imagine trying to push open a massive stone door, that won’t even budge…it’s energetically draining.

Life is not meant to be lived that way, especially not by moms, the givers of life, role models to impressionable little ones. It’s time for change. It’s time for mothers to put their Needs, Wants and Desires first so that they can create the life of their Dreams, Shine Bright, share their Sparkle and Change the World.

It wasn’t till I started working with a coach that I realized I was out of integrity, and it was sabotaging my success. I started to listen to my gut, follow my instincts and it led me to get my iPEC coaching certification.

Now it’s my turn to help you get a clear vision on what you want in life!

I can help you transform your Frustration into Sparkly Goodness!
Being a certified professional Coach, and an Energy Leadership Index-Master Practitioner (ELI-MP), my superpower is hearing what you’re not saying, seeing what you’re not seeing, and pointing it out so you’re not spending the next 4 (or 40!) years trying to figure it out on your own.

You know what I love most about my life since I started implementing all these things myself?



I'm totally into WOO WOO THINGS

Crystals, Essential Oils, Angel Cards (I’m a Certified Angel Card Reader), Numerology (I looooove Numerology…it’s so precise), Tyler Henry (He is just so talented. So humble. So Kind. I’d love to meet him one day…and get a reading from him!)

I’m obsessed with HUMAN BEHAVIOR

I’m super analytical of why we do the things we do. That’s why I’m so intrigued by Reality TV…the real life ones like The Real Housewives, Kardashians, Vanderpump Rules, Southern Charm, Iyanla Fix My Life...

I’m enchanted by the MYSTICISM OF LIFE

Like asking for a sign, and having it delivered so very clearly. Or when you set an intention and the universe conspires to make it happen. I love hearing stories of Triumph on Super Soul Sunday.

SCOUTING (Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts)

This was a big part of my life for a long time. It’s a big thing in my community. I joined when I was 5, I became a leader, and stayed till I was 27. That’s how I met my husband, we were Rovers (leaders in training) together.